The Consultant Pharmacist


April 2017 | Volume 32 | Number 4

Staying Focused H. Edward Davidson

Editor-in-Chief, H. Edward Davidson, PharmD, MPH, gives a brief commentary on this issue of the journal and current new items of interest to consultant pharmacists.


Empowering Pharmacists to Go Beyond

Frank Grosso, RPh, Executive Director & CEO

Insulin: Almost a Century of Lifesaving

The identification and purification of insulin in1922 changed life for individuals with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM). While insulin is indispensable to individuals with T1DM, it is also used or being studied for several different conditions such as Alzheimer's disease (AD). Some researchers have dubbed AD “type 3 diabetes” because of similar aberrations in the blood-brain barrier and protein deposits.

Katherine J. Anderson: Inspiring Optimal Care

Katherine J. “Kitty” Anderson, PharmD, CGP, FASCP, is owner of Pharmacists International, LLC, Seattle, Washington, a global network of patients, pharmacists, and providers working together in professional collaboration to optimize pharmacotherapy for patients.

A Clinical Review of Surgical vs Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement in Geriatric Patients

Based on the results of various studies assessing mortality and other clinically significant outcomes, the transcatheter aortic valve replacement procedure shows great promise. As this procedure becomes more widespread, pharmacists must be involved in ensuring appropriate medication therapy is used to maximize outcomes. Pharmacists can provide guidance regarding evidence based therapy.

Transition Hand-Off from Inpatient to Outpatient Treatment of Acute Pyelonephritis in an Elderly Male

Pyelonephritis is a serious form of urinary tract infection that may range from mild symptoms to life-threatening disease. In the elderly, hospitalization is usually warranted for acute cases. For appropriate inpatient management to be provided, it is important for clinicians to be aware of potential confounders that may prevent optimal empiric antibiotic selections and suboptimal treatment after discharge. This is an example of the importance of appropriate transitions of care handoffs.

The Utility of Continuous Temperature Monitoring of Refrigerators in a Long-Term Care Facility

This small case-oriented review of a large nursing facility’s storage process attempts to expose the risk associated with improper medi-cation storage. Refrigerator and freezer temperatures not maintained within a strict window will deleteriously affect stored medications such as vaccines, insulin, and chemotherapy products, which could lead to decreased viability of the product and potentially poor patient outcomes.

Improving Nursing Home Compliance via Revised Antipsychotic Use Survey Tool

This study analyzed the effect of using a pharmacist-initiated revised antipsychotic use survey tool to improve nursing home compliance for appropriate antipsychotic use for patients with dementia. Compliance improved, and antipsychotic use declined during pharmacist intervention at one nursing home. Multiple factors may be involved in pharmacist recommendation acceptance.

Federal Budgeting: The Politics of Spending

An update on health care policy from ASCP's director of policy and advocacy.


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